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Convergence...Luscious Listening: Cultivating conscious curiosity in relationship


Come join Jaime Williams Certified Sex and Relationship Counselor, in a dialogue and exploration around how to become more mindful, vulnerable and compassionate with ourselves and others through the dynamic territory of our sensuality and sexuality. Ever found yourself in the awkward, exciting and sometimes difficult terrain of communicating your desires? Would you like to have more understanding and grace around disappointment in relationship and have more peace around the places we hurt each other? We have an opportunity to bring more pleasure and healing in our lives when we wrestle honestly, playfully and tenderly with an internal gaze at our agency in the realm of authentic closeness. Come experiment with palpable experiences that allow us to be more of ourselves in relationship and fuel desire that sustains connection. Whether you are in a romantic partnership or you are navigating the rich territory of single life, this topic is for you.  For more information on the entire event go to

Earlier Event: May 9
Lightning in a Bottle, 2019