Uncovering the Erotic


Integrating the art of sensation into everyday experiences


In today’s world it is more important than ever to become present fully in our beings and embody the kind of vibrancy, connection, essence and power that we as women have the pleasure of creating.  Many of us over time have muted our vitality, suppressing the natural pathway of intuition, insight, wisdom and sexiness by suppressing our full connection to the world with all of our senses.  We are sensual beings.  Whether through reverberating messages culturally, substantial repression religiously or various other inhibiting beliefs including an undercurrent of persistent voices we have allowed to live in our minds, we dim our lights sometimes without even knowing it.  Reintegrating the dynamic and profound relationship that we have to our senses, will not only awaken our connection to our full selves, but through sensation, will heighten the erotic flow of energy that is essential to our ability to create profound lives in the world.  

Join me on a four part adventure to collaborate with other women committed to integrating the art of sensation into everyday experiences. 

At the completion of the series you will:

  • establish a daily practice to connect to the world of the senses;
  • unearth limiting beliefs that undermine embodying your full self;
  • discover behaviors that are no longer serving you;
  • activate sensation in such a way that moving through the world in your body as a temple, becomes an authentic, pleasurable and exciting experience;
  • cultivate an essential connection with your desires through exploring your relationship with the erotic, allowing arousal (to awaken from sleep) to be a part of your life in all arenas;
  • enhance and heighten the vast potential of deep connection with yourself and your intimate experiences in the world of the senses;

what you can expect as you work with me

As a Counselor and Sex and Relationship Coach I approach clients with the same authenticity and intention that I bring to my own life.  I am committed to delving into life with curiosity, humor, acceptance, determination and love.  I ask the hard questions and more often than not find that each of us has an immense ability to go the distance towards the answers.  I don’t believe that you have to be struggling to do this work or that you have to effort to make a difference.  I bring myself one hundred percent to the sessions.  Sessions are made up of communication through words, attention to the sensations in the body, experiential exercises to deepen awareness, and intention and direction around applying practices after the session to integrate all that you have gained during our work together. 

Registration details

Time Commitment:  Two months with four individual sessions, four group sessions, weekly guided prompts and a partnered support created to help you with your intention.

Group Meetings every other Wednesday from seven o'clock to nine o'clock: April 5th, April 19th, May 2nd and May 16th 

• four individual sixty minute counseling sessions with Jaime

• four two hour group sessions with the women in the series, facilitated by Jaime

• Weekly prompts through email to help you explore the realm of sensuality and eroticism.

Each week during the four-part journey, you will be given guided prompts to deepen your journey during the four part adventure.  You will be paired with one other person in the group to support you as you move more deeply through the process. 

Cost: $440

Location for Individual Session:

970 East Main Street, Grass Valley Suite 104

Location for Group Gathering:

970 East Main Street, Grass Valley Suite 104

You can register by pushing the RSVP button.  For more information call Jaime at (530) 559-2944 or email her at jmedoubleu@gmail.com


Contact Jaime Williams through email at jmedoubleu@gmail.com or by phone at (530)559-2944 to collaborate on how to make this series the best possible fit for you.